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Our Industry Directory is for crew, vendors and businesses based in Otago and Southland. It is a key resource for productions filming in the region.

Types of Listings

Film Professional or Film Business Listing - Standard

If your core business is film - e.g. qualified crew member, production company, film equipment or service provider - then your Standard Listing in the Directory is free.

Film Professional or Film Business Listing - Premium

Film professionals and film businesses also have the option of upgrading to a Premium Listing. These listings offer enhanced features including photos, video links and a premium position in the Directory. Premium Listings are $100 + GST/year. Please email to find out more.

Ancillary Business Listing

If your business provides services to the film industry, but film is not your core business - e.g. hotels, retail, tourism, hospitality - then you can sign up for an Ancillary Business Listing. These are $200 + GST/year. Please email to find out more.

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To add a listing to our Industry Directory, please fill in the below form with all the required details.

The information you put in the form becomes your listing, so please make it as clear, professional and detailed as possible. Please include specific production credits or other related experience in the 'industry experience' section - without this, we may not be able to approve your listing.

Your listing request will then be sent to the Film Otago Southland team to be approved and activated. Once your listing has been activated, you will be sent your log-in details via email to self-manage your listing. 

We look forward to having you on board!

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