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Derek Morrison

I’m passionate about photography and love to deliver imagery that breathes the essence of my clients’ stories. From studio-based photography to location-based commercial campaigns or editorial assignments, I love delivering professional photography that adds real, authentic value to my clients. I understand the importance of photography in sharing a brand’s message and boosting visibility in an increasingly image-saturated marketing landscape.

In my field I am considered a specialist in editorial, sports, adventure and tourism. I’m a seasoned professional when it comes to working in stills and film in water (surface and dive), in close range aerial (drone), mid-to long range aerial (helicopter) and I’m an expert working in remote locations.

I count my greatest achievement as being able to raise a family through my photography and filming work. I’m extremely grateful to live a life exploring my passions.

Industry Experience

I've worked on a range of productions from large-scale advertising campaigns to smaller ones, longitudinal editorial campaigns and in both film and stills. I love working in a team environment. I've shot stills for several TV series that featured on Maori Television and have contributed to many other films with drone and or water-based film work.

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