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Tracey Bean

Alpine Dusky NOV 2018 4930

Alpine Helicopters has extensive experience in the commercial aerial filming sector including motion picture, documentaries, advertisements, wildlife filming, product launches, scenic flying, adventure activities and extreme sports. We are experienced working with both handheld camera operators and the latest high-performance camera systems, utilising gyro-stabilised platforms such as the Shotover Camera system that offer unprecedented levels of stability, control and versatility.
Our pilots fly and work in mountainous, remote and challenging terrain on a daily basis and have worked with a variety of photographers and film crews over a diverse range of projects.
We have strong industry connections and can provide support in scoping & planning, transport & logistics, location scouting, site safety including mountain & alpine, permitting, fuel support, telecommunication systems support as well as film and production crews that can assist with your next film or photography project.
Big or small, we have you covered for your next project.

Industry Experience

- The Sky Piercer
- Fiordland Promo film:
- Dusky Sound Experience Promo Film:
- Southern Lakes Heli Ski Promo film:
- RedBull Braden Currie Summit Challenge
- RedBull Defiance Race
- RedBull Mad Mike
- RedBull Mad Mike
- RedBull Snow Camp
- Flying Fish Hemoblast Promo film
- Aspiring Films NutriGrain Promo film


Alpine Helicopters & Shotover

Alpine Helicopters & Red Bull

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