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Anna Jamieson

I find joy in constant learning and excel in collaborative team settings with a diverse range of personalities. Having worked in a variety of countries; America, Japan, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Vietnam, and travelling further abroad, I bring a global perspective to my work.

Creating Daily Script Sides with Scriptation Software
Managing Swing Driver Logistics: Ferry Bookings, Equipment Pick-Up En Route, Flight Arrangements, and Accommodation from AKL to ZQN
Ordering Camera Equipment to arrive on tight deadlines
General Accounting
File Management
Facilitating Travel and Accommodation Arrangements
Videography and Editing

Industry Experience

Brokenwood Mysteries - Production Secretary - Auckland - 2024 (upcoming)
A Remarkable Place To Die - Production Secretary - Queenstown - 2024
Reel Factory - Production Coordinator - Auckland - 2022
Reggie Yates Meets World, Documentary - Researcher - Flicker Productions/MTV UK - London - 2019
The Reggie Yates Podcast - Videographer - London - 2018/2019
Xero - Global Video Producer - Auckland and London -2016-2019
Food For Thought, Short Film - Stills Photographer - Wellington - 2015
Krampus, Feature Film - Lighting Set up and Cast Direction, Santa Photoshoot - Wellington - 2015
Consent - The Louise Nicholas Story, Feature Film - Stills Photography - Wellington- 2015
Actually Alex, Short Film - Stills Photographer - Wellington, NZ - 2015
Space Trash Men, Short Film - Stills Photographer - Wellington, NZ - 2015

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