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Scott Reynolds

I scout and location manage in Australia & New Zealand.

I have over 18 years of experience serving in operational, planning and logistic coordination roles. I have lead cross functional teams, where I was responsible for maintaining short-notice response capabilities as well as planning and executing time-sensitive emergency and deliberate action plans in complex environments. My roles have required effective project and stakeholder management skills.

In Queenstown, local and international clients are utilising my experience to co-ordinate and event manage their productions.

My professional experience has me primed to support all of your logistic needs, be that site survey and task facilitation; including transport, accommodation, local staffing and activity bookings. I have strong local knowledge and an even stronger network within the business community which enables me to coordinate all your specific requirements.

Key points:
- I am Australian born
- I have operated extensively through SE-Asia, North America and the South Pacific
- I have operational experience in the Middle East
- Site Safety - I am a commercial diver and skipper
- My website is: &

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