Elias Leschewitz

I am Brazilian, graduated in social communication - journalism. But I'm passionate about video. I worked for some years on television in Brazil as a producer and tv director. I worked mainly in the entertainment sector, sometimes with daily journalism. I took some short film courses, which I like a lot and have a lot in common with TV. Currently, I came to NZ in search of learning and return to my work area. This would be an opportunity to get into the movie business and make my career grow.

Industry Experience

I worked for at least 5 years on television at one of the largest TV stations in Brazil (www.sbt.com.br). I produced a daily entertainment program on the open channel, after some time I became the program's director, coordinating a team, and directing new ideas to air. I worked for a few months as a producer and cinematographer for Irinn TV (Iran) being a correspondent for the World Cup at BRasil in 2014. I worked for one of the biggest TV stations in the world (Globo TV), in which I was an affiliate in the city of Curitiba. I worked as a technical assistant, in which I was part of the live program team: operating teleprompter, characters, audio, cameraman, etc. I am familiar with Cinema, in which I took some related courses and would very much like to enter this branch that is incredible and very strong to NZ. I know I have the potential to come in and do a great job. Currently, I work with personal videos, where I post some images on my Instagram (@eliasltv).

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