Erin Cox

Storytelling, writing, storyboarding, researching, editing

I have a strong background in science communication, with a Post Graduate Diploma from the University of Otago. I specialized in Natural History Filmmaking and explored the intersection of science, society, and storytelling. I apply my science communication skills to my journalism work, using evidence-based reporting, critical thinking, and narrative techniques to create engaging and informative content. I am also proficient in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and punctuation, ensuring that my articles are clear, concise, and optimized for online visibility. I am passionate about creating impactful and ethical journalism that appeals to the public interest and sparks meaningful dialogue.

I have proficient camera skills and understand the process of making films. I am hardworking and used to working under pressure. I am passionate in my pursuit of film work and believe I would be a great addition to any production. I am also keen for any more hands-on set work.

Industry Experience

Centre for Science Communication - short documentary production experience
Event worker
15+ years Hospitality and Management experience

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