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Trina Ambrose

I am an experienced television professional with 13+ years experience in the industry - ranging from live to air camera operation, studio floor management, directing, localization, and locations assist / VFX Coordinator for feature films. Interested in supporting the below departments: - Locations (assist / coordinator) - Production Coordinator - Cast / crew driver - Entry-level directors assist - Entry-level accounts.
I can travel as required.

Industry Experience

2022 Avatar 3 (Wellington) Lookdev Production Coordinator
2021 The Royal Treatment (Dunedin) Locations Assist 2019-21 The Walt Disney Company Content Management and Localization Coordinator 2014-18 NHNZ Associate Producer Localization and Promotions 2015-18 The Racing Board Camera Operator 2013-16 Channel 39 Stringer and Studio Camera operator, Assistant Director, Floor Manager

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