Gamel O'Brien

Based in Wellington and Oamaru, able to travel anywhere in the South Island. I hold a full NZ drivers licence and am a New Zealand citizen.

Industry Experience

Property Master, Art Assist DOX (feature) Piki Films, Miss Piki's Band Ltd | July 2021 - Current (pre-production)

Art dept. Production Assistant PEARL (feature) A24, Dancing Pictures Ltd | Apr 2021 – June 2021
• Research and the creation of documents and catalogues for the Production Designer, Art Director and HODs
• Creation of props, printing of calligraphy and graphics for props and set dressing departments
• Purchasing, pick-up and delivery of set dec, props and construction pieces and materials
• Petty cash reconciliation for myself and others
• Uploading production files to the A24 server at wrap

Production Assistant X (feature) A24, Powder Keg Farms Ltd | Nov 2020 – Apr 2021
• Main cast driver during pre-production
• Set up and running of the production office, upkeep and cleanliness, providing lunch & refreshments for 30+ crew daily
• Document scanning, filing, and storage across all production paperwork, creating POs for various vendors, creating and printing calendars, signage and other graphics
• Helping various departments in creating mud maps, plans and documents for recces, meetings etc
• Uploading production files to the A24 server at wrap

Editor TAHI AROHA (dance short) DEVOS Dance, screened at Renew Festival of the Arts | Oct 2020
• Ingesting, organising and storing footage, meeting regularly to review the footage and make changes with the client
• Making creative decisions on the overall look and feel of the project
• Using final cut pro to edit the footage, as well as ensuring sound sync and image quality were at their best
• Delivering final output in formats compatible with the projection software

Set Decorator, Property Master THE FINDING (independent short) Minerva Prod. & Ruru Films | July – Sept 2020
• Buyer of all set dec and dressing, as well as props and costume, responsible for all items during and at wrap
• Working closely with the director to achieve their vision, including conducting my own research
• Working closely with children and animals to ensure no accidents or harm
• Painting and decorating during pre-production and strike, ensuring location was returned to original state

Livestreaming services and equipment NADIA REID LIVE (livestreaming event) @ Grainstore Gallery | July 2020
• Using my own 2 camera set up to livestream and record a musical performance with multiple vocalists

Production Manager, Editor CONTAGEOUS WORLD (music video) for Mads Harrop | June 2020
• Created call sheets, risk assessments and talent releases, coordinating cast, extras, locations and vendors
• Collaborated with the director and talent on all creative decisions
• Collaborated with Mads and the Director to create a safe working environment for people with disabilities

Location Assistant THE POWER OF THE DOG (feature) NETFLIX, Bad Girl Creek Prod. | March 2020 (day player)

Production Assistant FRIEND OF THE FRIENDLESS (TV feature) TVNZ, | Nov 2019 – Feb 2020

Production Designer & on set Art Director MAN UP! (student short) The New Zealand Film School, Graduation | 2019
• Designed the set, created a scale model for the Director and HODs as a visualization tool, adapted to any changes
• Lead a small team to deliver the set on time and within budget – construction, paint, dressing, props, costume, puppets
• Worked on set to ensure smooth operation, and to assist with resets

Editor WRONG HOUSE (student short) The New Zealand Film School, Graduation | 2019

Director, Editor, Interviewer NEW NESTERS; Migrant stories from the Waitaki District (documentary) Waitaki Multicultural Council | Sep 2018

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