Jane McCurdy

Production Manager for local and international Television Commercials, with experience in Feature Films and TV Drama. Based in Queenstown for 20+ years.

Industry Experience

Credits: The Letter for the King - TVD (Oct-Dec 18) On-set Prod Coord/ Finch - TVC (Aug 18) Production Manager/ Finch - TVC (Apr 18) Production Manager/ GODZone Adventure Race (Mar 18) Event/ HQ/ Logistics Manager/ Goodoil Films - TVC(Mar 18) Production Manager/ The Sweet Shop - TVC (Feb 18) Production Manager/ Exit Films - TVC (Jan-Feb 18) Production Manager/ Firerooster Productions - FF (Oct-Dec 17) Prod Coord/ Itchy Scratch Pictures - TVC (Aug 17) Production Manager/ DWTT Productions - FF 'Mission Impossible 6 (May - Jul 17) Aerial Coordinator ...

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