Janic Gorman

I work on every step of the filmmaking process. Scripting, Budgeting, Filming, Editing, Sound Design, and all the little steps in between.

I can operate professional cameras, work with lighting and sound equipment, and use the Adobe Creative Cloud to put the projects together.

My Bachelor in Economics, as well as work- experience in the finance industry, helps me understand the economics of a production.
My Masters in Science Communication -(Natural History Filmmaking) provides me with technical skills and film know-how.

Industry Experience

Internship for LATAM CAPE. Production of the short-film "Winds of Change 2020"

Production of a Documentary for Masters Degree: "Trip Advisor: Drugs in Dunedin Pt.1 MDMA"

Freelancer Filmmaking: Variety of music videos for local artists.

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