Joe Murdie

Cinematographer/DP and Camera Operator with over 10 years experience.
Available freelance throughout NZ or globally.

As a serious techo, Joe keeps up to play with the latest technology and is proficient on all leading cinema cameras and equipment. He holds good array of in house equipment including a RED DSMC2, Easyrig, basic Lighting kit and more. He is practical and hands on, and considers himself a ‘rigging operator’, often building custom contraptions to position or move cameras in unique ways to get the shot.

RED DSMC2 S/W Dragon-X 6K Owner/Operator
DJI Inspire 1 Drone
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Member of:
- The Screen Industry Guild of Aotearoa New Zealand
- New Zealand Cinematographers Society
- Film Otago Southland

Industry Experience

Cinematic Doco production, Short Films, TVC, Aerial
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