Jonas Tawharu

My name is Jonas Tawharu and I am based in Dunedin, NZ.

My services are that of a Second Camera Assistant.

I have experience working with cinema cameras (Arri alexa mini, C500 mark II, and I own a Bmp6k kit.

Working on set, I support the first AC with tasks like slating, lens swinging, cleaning lenses/filters and any other supportive tasks required.

Industry Experience

2nd AC - Canvass (short) - Arri Alexa/ Arri Zeiss master primes - David Hay - Legal Fiction Films - 2021

2nd AC- Hand Me Down (short)- C500/ Vintage Leica primes - Longan Westwood- Short Film Otago-2021

Runner/grip assist- The Royal Treatment (feature)- Sony Venice/ Panavision anamorphics - B&G NZ Productions - 2021

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