Kim Godby

*Locations Services- Location Management, Scouting, Co-Ordinator
*Experienced cast/agency/ client driver
*Experienced Swing Driver
*Production Co-ordinator
*Production Runner
Licence Classes 1, 2, 4 and 6
Passenger Transport Licence
'P' endorsed
Experience throughout Otago and Southland with vast local knowledge.

Industry Experience

2022 Ki Studios, Feature- Locations Assist
2022 Screentime, The Summit, Series 1- Production Assist/Driver
2022 Sweetshop, TVC- Production Assist/Driver
2022 Revolver, TVC- Location Manager
2022 The Beards, TVC- Production Assist/Driver
2022 Larchmont TV, TVC- Production Assist/Driver
2022 Finch, TVC- Production Assist/Driver
2022 Badly Behaved Babes, Feature- Assistant Locations Manager
2022 One Lane Bridge, Season 3- Production Runner/Locations Assist
2022 Under the Vines, Season 2- Location Co-ordinator
2022 Sweetshop, TVC- Production Runner/Agency Driver
2022 Maunga Cassino- Locations Manager
2021 Share the Knowledge Course- Location Manager
2021 Share the Knowledge Course- Production Co-ordinator
2021 3&7, TVC- Production Runner
2021 Film Otago Southland, Locations Image Library- Scout
2021 Big Picture Productions, TVC- Production Runner
2021 Happy Film, TVC- Production Runner and Driver
2021 Eight Productions, TVC- Production Runner
2021 Flinders Lane, TVC- Production Runner, Crew Driver
2021 Finch, TVC- Production Runner, Cast and Crew Driver
2021 One Lane Bridge, Series 2- Locations- Coordinator, On Set Locations Assist. Transport- Driver, Swing Assist
2020 Curious Productions, Cast Driver
2020 The Sweetshop, Tourism NZ TVC- Production Runner
2020 SaS Show (pre-production)-Off Rig Driver
2020 Bad Girl Creek Productions- BG Driver and Wrangler
2019 Flying Fish Productions TVC- Production/Agency Driver
2019 Batch Productions TVC- Production Runner/ Driver/ Wardrobe Assist
2019 One Lane Bridge- Swing and Cast Driver
2019 Aspiring Films TVC- Production Runner and Driver
2019 Division Films TVC- Production Runner and Driver
2019 Good Oil TVC- Production, Agency and Cast Driver
2019 MTV Show- Locations, Production Driver
2018 The Letter for the King - Shuttles
2018 Mulan - Agency/Client/Press Driver
2017 Eliquis TVC - Agency Driver
2017 Telensu TVC- Client Driver
2016 Dynasty Warrior- Relief and Agency Driver
2016 Visa TVC - Cast Driver

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