Melissa Diprose

05/2018 to present Scenic Painter, Props and Set Builder.
Norse Sky Ltd. - West Yorkshire
As part of a small team my work with Norse Sky is allows me to use a variety of my skills, including scenic painting and set building. I work both on and offsite - making the sets or props and installing these when needed. Use of power tools, chemicals, carpentry, fibreglass, installing walls, set dressing, polycarving, making things look old or making common wood look like antique oak etc.
-Bear Grylls Adventure Park (Birmingham) – Scenic painting
-ITV - Emmerdale studios experience (Leeds) – set building and scenic painting.
-Holovis (London) – Set installation
-Edinburugh and Blackpool Dungeons – Prop making.
-Sharp Project (Manchester) – TV advertisement set building and scenic painting.

04/2018 to 05/2018 Fine finisher
Wild Creations Ltd. - Cardiff
I worked in the spray painting department – spraying, mixing paints (1k and 2k). I also worked across the other departments when needed: mould making, filling and sanding, stencilling, fibreglass work etc. The main projects I worked on were the promotional models for the new Jurassic park film released in 2018.

04/2018 to 04/2018 Specialist Models. – Cardiff
Manchester Bees - I took part in the construction of the fibreglass models.

03/2013 to 01/2018 Restoration Artist
Wrightways Studio – Auckland
I repaired paintings, sculpted, moulded, gilded and touched up various items of art and antiques. Earning respect in that role I was entrusted to allocating jobs to other employees, training new staff and occasionally doing reception tasks. For the past two years I have been the sole manager of the conservation framing department. In this additional role I consulted directly with customers, priced, ordered and constructed complicated jobs.

Industry Experience

Norse Sky Ltd. (United Kingdom):
-Bear Grylls Adventure Park (Birmingham) – [Scenic painting].
-ITV - Emmerdale studios experience (Leeds) – [Set building and scenic painting].
-Holovis (London) – [Set installation].
-Edinburugh and Blackpool Dungeons – [Prop making].
-Sharp Project (Manchester) – [TV advertisement set building and scenic painting].

Wild Creations. (United Kingdom):
-Promotional models for the new Jurassic park film released 2018. - [Prop making (fibreglass), moulding/casting, spray painting].

Specialist Models. (United Kingdom):
-Manchester Bees. - [Fine finisher].

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