Heavy-lift cinema drone team

Heavy-lift, Inspire, Mavic, FPV drone film crew based in Queenstown New Zealand

We are the largest and most experienced drone filming company in the South Island of New Zealand.

We have extensive experience on international TVC's, Feature Films and TV shows.

CAA Part 102 Certified

Permitted to conduct operations
- Above 400 feet
- At Night
- Within 4km of an aerodrome
- Within an Active Low Flying Zone
- With Aircraft over 25KG

Strong safety culture

$12,500,000 Aviation Liability Insurance

Industry Experience

Ben Ruffell is an award winning Aerial DP. He is a full member of The New Zealand Cinematographers Society (NZCS) and is a Part 102 certified drone pilot.

Joshua Dunn is one of New Zealand's most sought after cinema drone pilots. He has over 500 hours of flight time logged including 50 hours of night operations.

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