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Pedro Pimentel

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Over 10 years experience filming and operating cameras worldwide in commercials, hostile environments and on expeditions.

Filming Experience:
- Climbing, rope access and complex rigging
- Skydiving Camera Operator
- Underwater Diving and Freediving
- Sub Zero freezing conditions
- Expeditions
- Moving vehicles
- From Helicopters, planes, paragliders

Experience operating a wide range of camera systems (Sony, Canon, Nikon, other).

Experience producing commercials, online content, award winning documentaries, behind the scenes (BTS) videos and business promotional videos.

Drone operating services with hundreds of flying hours and complex shots achieved.

Fast turn around film editing services on editing suite (FCPX).

Award-winning cinematographer and adventure sports photographer.

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Queenstown and Wanaka

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+64 211 114347


Pedro Pimentel Visual Showreel

Our showreel asks the question... In a world where most advertising flows through the internet and with Google penalising websites with no video content... Should we be asking ourselves the question: Do I even exist? Does my business even exist? Should I be telling my story?
Take a look at some of those that we have been helping tell their stories... Buckle up and enjoy the journey!

South Pacific Helicopters Promo Video

South Pacific Helicopters hired us to produce an emotionally immersive story of their whale watching experience that would focus on the unique touch a family business has on its clients.

This is the result.
This is their story.

Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

PRODUCER: Hine King & Pedro Pimentel
DIRECTOR | DOP: Pedro Pimentel
AC: Agustin Blanco

Fiordland by Seaplane “Wings & Water” | Directed and Shot by Pedro Pimentel

The Best Helicopter Safety Video in the World... They called it!

South Pacific Helicopters approached us to create a part safety briefing video part collateral marketing for their business and this is the result.

Check it out... guaranteed a smile or two! And if you missed their Promo video, make sure to check it out too here

Producer: Hine King & Pedro Pimentel
Director || DOP: Pedro Pimentel
AC: Agustin Blanco
Editing || Sound Mix - Pedro Pimentel

Award Winning | The Harper, Mannering & Ross Challenge - In the footprints of Pioneers - Trailer

Penny Brothers (New Zealand Alpine Club President), 60, decides to follow the steps of New Zealand alpine exploration pioneers and club founders following an appeal made by herself on the Climber magazine in NZ.

A nine-day expedition with an ambitious tick list. Guided by Gavin Lang from First Light Guiding, Penny will reminisce on long dormant memories of climbing through the most beautiful glaciers and peaks of New Zealand named after NZAC founders Harper, Mannering and Ross!
Will they achieve their goal?

Produced and Edited by
First Light Guiding & Pedro Pimentel Visuals

Flower Ski Chine commissioned us to create a short teaser for some of the incredible after-ski activities that this company is providing for their clients in Wanaka New Zealand. This one was completely shot in one day at the Highlands, Cromwell Motorsport Park.

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