Recycle & Reuse Waste Management

Carey Cambridge

I am passionate about recycling & reusing waste on set. With over 20 years of invaluable onset experience in dealing with all waste. It it can be a very tricky scenario when dealing with massive productions. I have liased with the lots of films, the latest Recycling Ambassador from Auckland for the feature film “The Royal Treatment” It was my recycling plan that was put to use & followed on this feature. With massive cast, crew & locations this was as big as they get. From the food waste which goes to a specific recycler - to food waste which gets turned over by my worn farm set up in Southland, to sorting & organising the masses of rubbish these shoots create. I am the go to person to successfully achieve this for your shoot. No need for flying down out of town people, which saves you costs & negative carbon for flights required. Very green savings

Industry Experience

With being in the Craft Service/ Unit Industry the longest of all Queenstown based Unit Crew for Feature Films & Movies. I have experience in dealing with waste in the South Island that someone brought from up North cannot be trained in. You will not find a more dedicated employee in this field than myself & my team. The wise step for your production would be to hire my crew to received “Green Status” for your next shoot.

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