Roger Feenstra

Since 2014, I have worked with the Academy Award-winning Shotover K1 and the P1 6-axis gyro stabilised gimbal camera support systems with the team at Aerial Cameras in Queenstown. With more than 30 years extensive experience in the camera department, working with high-end film, 3D and digital cameras, I bring a broad understanding of all aspects of the aerial filming process, from rigging the helicopter to camera project settings to operating.

Industry Experience

My credits include aerial cinematographer, operator and technician for a variety of high profile features and commercials, including: Mulan, The Letter for the King, The Sky Piercer, Adrift, and A Wrinkle in Time.

I am fortunate to often find myself working closely with legendary helicopter pilot Alfie Speight, who is widely regarded as the best in the business for aerial filming, and his team at Glacier Southern Lakes Helicopters.

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