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James Perry & Pete Whittaker

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Shotover Media is a video production company based in Queenstown, New Zealand. We're a team of innovative, passionate and creative filmmakers with experience managing all aspects of the production process. Our drive is to create original, engaging and inspiring videos for online, digital and branded content. We offer end to end production with our team of in house producers, directors, DOPs, Drone & Camera Ops. Experts in the demands of content creation in the Queenstown Lakes, Fiordland and wider Otago areas we offer location and administration services to ensure a smooth, legal and hassle free production.

Full gear arsenal including: Inspire 2 X7, Ronin 2, RED Scarlet W, SONY FS7, Sigma Prime Lenses, Canon Zoom Lenses, Cable Cam, Wireless Monitoring, Wireless Follow Focus, Support Gear, Grip and Lighting Gear, Workshop, Production Vehicles, Full Editing Suite. Full equipment list at

Industry Experience

All in-house productions for digital and online content since 2013. Portfolio -


Shotover Media Cinematography Showreel 2018

Creating dynamic, engaging and often difficult shots is what gets us excited as cinematographers. Showing off the product and the amazing backdrop of New Zealand in a way that explodes out of the screen and grabs your attention is what we've tried to do from day one.
We recently put together a showreel from the most action packed shoots we've been lucky enough to produce. This features a range of clients from all over the world for both short and long form digital content all filmed in New Zealand and in-house with our Shotover Media video production team.

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