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Innovative, passionate and creative story tellers, our drive is to partner with agencies and brands to create original, spectacular and inspiring films for campaigns as well as online, digital and branded content.

End to End Content Creation; Creative Development; Commercial and Branded Content Production; Line Production; Project Management; Directing; Cinematography; Aerial Cinematography; 101 & 102 UAV Operations; Camera Crew; Behind The Scenes; Post Production and Editing; Basic DIT

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Queenstown Airport Corporation - Why Do We Fly Launch Film

Creating dynamic, engaging and often difficult shots is what gets us excited as cinematographers. Showing off the product and the amazing backdrop of New Zealand in a way that explodes out of the screen and grabs your attention is what we've tried to do from day one.

Here's one such example for Queenstown Airport Corporation.

Shotover Media Aerial Showreel 2020

With five in-house qualified UAV pilots and years of experience capturing stunning aerial images in the southern alps and across New Zealand, there's nothing we can't capture from above. Whether it's a single or dual operation UAV, doors off from a chopper or collaborating with heli teams and international DOPs for the ultimate shot, we've got it covered.

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