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Telling your story succinctly, enticing an audience to care (in a wickedly crowded market), all while seeking an actual response (like a sale) is tricky to achieve. That’s where we live.

In a world where the play button is the most compelling call to action, and yet 5-second adverts come with skip buttons; purpose-led, captivating and emotive content is key to getting your message across. We can help.

​When it comes to creating visual content (*aka great video) we take a simple, yet effective, approach. ​Every frame, every second of content must count toward the end goal of bringing hearts and minds - and wallets, together.

Industry Experience

our roots

Back in 2012 Managing Director, Joe Murdie was a talented photographer and he needed someone to make a video. He knew high-quality visual content was a key part of a standard marketing strategy. But the process was complicated, the price point too high, and the output underwhelming. So he set out to change that.

Seeing that video content was becoming a key part of standard marketing strategy, he set out to change that – and joined a new-era of agile, conscious business operators striving to create a different way of doing things in the video production industry. Passionate about video and a firm believer in its engagement power, Joe wanted more than just great video – so he developed a business model that partnered simple yet quality visual content creation with a strong strategic purpose at an affordable price to ensure the end products created by The Film Crew offered long-lasting value and achieved beyond its objectives.

Joe has since then become an award-winning filmmaker and has grown the business to include a team of, not-just filmmakers, who all have the same vision for producing high-quality content.

We provide full end to end service from concept development, planning, resourcing, staging, shooting, to editing and distribution strategy.


Who are We?

At The Film Crew we are passionate about video, and in a world where 5 second adverts come with skip buttons, it is key that video content is compelling, thought provoking and inspired.

Our love for all things film has seen us working on collaborations with some of the top Actors, Directors and Producers NZ has to offer. Because of this we can grow or shrink our crew to meet the requirements of any budget or production size. ​

We offer video packages for Web and Television Commercials, Social Media, Event Coverage, Corporate Videos, Documentary, Real Estate Walk-throughs, Weddings and more! So go on, get in The Film Crew, and let our passion, show your passion to the world.

Who's Hungry?

The team at The Film Crew are big foodies! This has lead us to work on more than our fair share of food related content.

Having filmed numerous TV series and commercial content for the food industry throughout New Zealand, Asia and the United States we completely understand the ins and outs of filming food and cooking.

Client Stories w/ Akarua

We love our clients! We love them even more when they love us back!

We get to work with such a wide range of people, businesses and locations, it really keeps things exciting. So it was an honour when Zoë from Akarua agreed to feature in the first instalment of our ‘Client Stories’ series.

This new series is our opportunity to showcase some of the work we do and hopefully explore, from our clients perspective, a bit of what the process is like working with us.

Thank you Zoë and the team at Akarua!

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