Climate and Seasons


New Zealand benefits from having opposite seasons to the Northern Hemisphere, which is ideal for production timelines. Our winter season runs from June - August, and our summer is December - February. The South Island is a popular location for shooting snow during the Northern Hemisphere summer, with our local crews highly experienced with filming in alpine conditions.



The South Island of New Zealand enjoys a largely temperate climate with moderate rainfall and sunlight hours. However, the inland alpine areas of the region experience colder winters, sometimes dropping as low as -10º. Like many countries, weather conditions are never guaranteed, so it's always best to be prepared for a variety of weather circumstances when filming in the region.

Below is a table indicating the average maximum and minimum temperatures and rainfall in Queenstown for each season. Note: this is indicative of Queenstown only. 

  Spring Summer Autumn Winter
Temp (C) 16º / 5º 22º / 10º 16º / 6º 10º / 1º
Temp (F) 61º / 41º 72º / 50º 61º / 43º 50º / 34º
Rain days 9 8 8 7

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