The Studio Space

Queenstown Lakes

The Studio Space is a new offering to the film and photography industry in the Otago region; a one-of-a-kind 130sqm facility located in the town centre of Wanaka. Its purpose is to provide a functional and attractive space for creatives in the region to hire, prominently for studio filming and photography.

The space combines both 'The Cyc Room' - featuring an 8m x 5m x 3m corner infinity wall, lighting rigs and projector for large screenings, and 'The Martini Room' - a lounge style meeting space with a smart TV for viewing rushes or finished films.


The Cyc Room has app controlled, ceiling mounted RGB LED panels to cast your choice of 390 colours onto the cyc as well as a selection of predesigned changing light sequences, making it the perfect setting for any number of shoots.


The Martini Room contains comfy seating, whiteboard and other helpful meeting room facilities. The space also has an extensive range of lighting and rigging kits available, and a growing selection of props held on site, as well as connections to many other suppliers for anything else needed.


Available for hire all year round by all creatives, The Studio Space is designed to be a functional working space for a variety of uses.

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