Belinda Davie

Belinda Davie

Coordinate the production team to work together in an efficient way to cover all bases required.
Office set up through until wrap of the shoot.
Experienced with distribution, logistics, transport, travel, accommodation. I have coordinated in the production department and transport, working on my own or with a team.
I have worked on productions at both ends of the budget spectrum. So I know how to make things happen on the smell of an oily rag and have a clear understanding of the expectations that follow suit.
Capacity for productivity while maintaining the care factor.
I love working with people and making things happen for them!
I am interested in learning about other departments outside of Production and will be pursuing this in 2022.

Industry Experience

Lord of the Rings - TV
The Royal Treatment
A Wrinkle in Time
MI:6 - Fallout
Ghost in the Shell
Sunset Song

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