Ben Wallbank

Camera Operator | Cinematographer | Shooter-Producer | 1st AC

Specialising in expedition, documentary and outdoor filming with an interest in scripted alongside factual work. Living in Wanaka, New Zealand.

ARRI | Alexa
Red | Komodo, DSMC3
Sony | FX9, FX6, FS7
Gimbal, EasyRig

Helicopter Crewman/Gimbal camera operator - 6000+hrs

Industry Experience

As a skilled freelancer, Ben works closely with production companies and brings positivity and technical experience to bring creative visions to life.

Ben's skills as an expedition-shooter has enabled him to capture leading casts in sport documentaries (in the moment) and as a field shooter-producer for an international TV show under NBC, filming in remote locations over several weeks.

Ben has directed two award-winning short films, one of which received a Special Jury award, while the other won Best Documentary which have been aired globally.

Beyond factual projects, Ben has a strong interest in working within scripted projects.

Contact Details


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+64 20 401 21170

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