Ned Brannigan

Aside from cutting and assembling the edit itself, I'm competent with sound mixing/design, colouring and motion graphics. I also have some experience with chroma key compositing, retouching and overlay work. I work almost entirely in Davinci Resolve these days, however I have about 4 years experience working in the Adobe creative suite. My setup has run 6k, 16-bit RED footage without a hitch, and with proxies, going well beyond that wouldn't be a problem. The various social media platform specs are also something I'm familiar with, and I know understand some of the in's and out's when dealing with compression issues.

Industry Experience

I've been a videographer for the last 5 years, more recently focusing on editing alone. After completing a season at Cardrona as a content creator, I went out on my own as a freelance editor for a few production production companies around NZ. I primarily work as a freelance editor for the Film Crew in Wanaka, and most of the content I've created is either sports and commercial. With that said I'm currently expanding my horizons and aim to get into narrative based films.

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