Reshma Madhi

Production runners duties including:
- setting up and organising meetings and events such as large-scale script readthroughs or private screenings, wrap parties
- supporting production co-ordinator with tasks like completing employment checks
- copying call sheets, sides, scripts, health and safety notices and other paperwork and distributing to crew.
- Taking lunch and breakfast orders for the production office and crew/cast for rehearsals, tech recces etc
- Responsible for runs to the post office or other suppliers like camera hire, electricals
- Manage office: answering the phone, filing paperwork and entering data, housekeeping and keeping office/kitchen/communal spaces stocked and organised, help with travel and accommodation bookings.

Transferable experience in office admin, radio broadcasting, marketing and communications and hospitality.

Industry Experience

Production Runner - Sky/HBO drama 'The Third Day' (2020) - filmed in UK
Production Assistant/Runner - 'Trust Me Baby Doll' (2019) short film by Fullife 7 Films (London)
Production Placement - Two Brothers Pictures (2019) (London)

Contact Details


027 489 2499

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