Taj Rabosky

I owned a guided walks business in Golden Bay and currently work as a tramping guide on the Heaphy, Abel Tasman and Old Ghost Road tracks. In this capacity, I organize food and logistics, drive the clients (with a Passenger license) to the start/end of tracks, provide interpretation and information along the way, carry heavy loads, prepare delicious food, problem solve and generally ensure the best experience possible for clients. I have also worked in the finance industry and as a sustainability consultant. I traveled the world independently for 8.5 years and cycled and walked around large parts of Europe, North America, Asia and New Zealand so I am prepared for new adventures to unique locations. I am a positive thinker, physically capable and enjoy a good challenge.

Industry Experience

I am currently looking for my first position within the film industry. Areas of interest include: Lighting, Grip/Gaffer, Art Dept, Set Design and Build, Props, Construction, Locations.

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