Vaughan Brookfield

BTS 10

Vaughan specializes in international location and lifestyle photography producing cinematic images for global publications, corporations and advertising campaigns. Based out of Queenstown, New Zealand he commenced his career photographing the action and lifestyle of winter snow athletes but lurking behind that dynamic helicopter, snowboarding and outdoor adventure shooter is a sensitive, conceptual, location photographer.

Industry Experience

Vaughan has over 15 years experience working in the New Zealand alpine environment. He has experience shooting with large production TVC crews and is always a valued contributor on all shoots.

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The Nameless

Having ventured into the wilderness and projected images onto waterfalls and rock formations, our latest The Nameless Project expedition in June 2017 takes us on a journey to Tasman Glacier on New Zealand’s South Island to capture projections of images on to ice faces. In this personal project, supported by Canon Australia, we wanted to profile the impact that global warming is having on the environment. Heath Patterson Films captured what went on BTS.

“At a young age I visited Tasman Glacier and was immediately taken back by its size and magnitude. I’ve since returned only to find it has retreated by more than a kilometer in the past decade. The environment, and the impact humans have on it, has always been close to my heart. I felt this was an opportunity to highlight this damage in an original way.”

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VaughanBrooofield Queenstown049

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VaughanBrooofield Queenstown054

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